All 5 kingdoms Completed!

Posted By on Jun 3, 2015 | 0 comments

After a hard rushing design period, we’re proud to say that all FIVE kingdoms are now completed for Wild Wars!  This means that you can not only fight between Land, Sky, Sea, Underground, and Forest creatures, but more advanced players can create dual kingdom decks to wage war with!  Multi-star animals have been created, as well, with the Triple Star Cards and General cards holding the place of super-high rarity cards in upcoming booster packs!

For those excited to purchase booster packs, we’re in the process of arranging those and will have a special animal print booster pack for sale when we do our live demos and game training at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN on Family Day on August 2nd!  (If you’ll be at GenCon, be sure to get tickets, as they’ll be going fast!)

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