Custom Deck Building

You can play Wild Wars straight out of the box, as a pre-built deck vs. deck game.  For younger players or players who prefer a game that they can learn most of the twists of, this is a great way to play Wild Wars.  However, for players who want a more customized gameplay experience, building custom decks is very rewarding!  (Make sure you’ve played through the base game a few times before you start deck building, as deck building does add some complexity to the game.  All deck  building is at least 1 Star in difficulty and we’ve noted what difficulty each level of deck building is at.)

To walk you through Custom Decks, check out our articles on each:

Deckbuilding 101: Tweaking Decks

Deckbuilding 102: Dual Decks

Need some extra decks or packs for deckbuilding?

Purchase Additional Wild Wars Cards

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