The Power Star System (PSS)

The Power Star System* (PSS) is the Wild Wars unique rating system for ranking the development level of certain tiers of cards for age and experience.

Much like the MPAA ratings for movies, it’s designed to allow parents to easily know what to expect ahead of time and choose the right product for their child.

Unlike the MPAA rating, however, which tends to actually attract audiences unready for the content in question because of the lure of forbidden fruit, the Power Star System helps the player to find a playstyle that they won’t find frustrating. Although everyone wants to be more mature than they perhaps are, no one wants to play a game that’s no fun because it’s too hard. When the right star ratings are chosen, the game will be fun and full of plenty of strategy.

*Not to be confused with the British company, Powerstar, which makes energy emission units, nor the Power Star used in Super Mario.


No StarsBlank = Beginner.
These cards have only one ability at most, with large, easier to read descriptions.
Appropriate Decks: Beginner Decks.
Ages: 7+**

One Power Star1 Star = Novice.
These animal cards have two abilities with smaller descriptions. Objects, like the Distorter, have more complex effects, while Generals have effects that change the entire game. All two-color land sources or animals are at least one star, since Dual Color Deck Building is more complex.
Appropriate Decks: Deluxe Decks.
Ages: 9+**

Two Star Rating2 Star = Intermediate.
Animal cards here can have up to three abilities, but don’t have description text, because players here have played long enough to know what they mean or to look them up on the included ability sheet. Additionally, more complex objects–such as ones that give bonus counters for certain card types–and generals that have more complex abilities go here.
Appropriate Decks: Mega Decks.
Ages: 10+**

Three Star Rating3 Star = Advanced.
This is for the experienced Wild Wars players who want complex mechanics like creatures that can rally together and gain extra attack power when they attack in a group and those that have basic enter and exit effects. Ability Icons are smaller and there’s more text describing special capabilities of specific creatures, like the ability to share a specific ability or provide a stat bonus to other creatures of its unique animal family.
Appropriate Decks: Ultimate Decks.
Ages: 11+**

**All ages are suggested ages. Individual players will be ready at younger or older ages. However, in general, we tend to find that girls are ready to play this game as much as a year younger than the age listed. With that said, the Power Star Rating is also based on how long a player has played Wild Wars so, even if a player is 10, we would suggest starting them no higher than novice level until they get comfortable with the game play. (All of our Deluxe decks are Novice Decks.)


Because the PSS stars are on the lower left corner of the card, you can quickly swap out more advanced cards when playing with younger players and vice versa. For the competitive players in your house, this means they get to hone their skills against more players, since they can quickly swap in and out cards for whichever player they’re up against.

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