Deck Building 101: Tweaking A Current Deck

While younger and newer players will likely prefer pre-built decks, many more experienced players will enjoy customizing their decks.  While some will want to build their decks from the ground up, we recommend that you start with a pre-built deck and swap in new (or additional) cards to emphasize a play style you like.

Deck building would be considered a one-star (or Novice) level activity.

Basic requirements:

  • Decks must have at least 42 cards. (No maximum size.)
  • You can have no more than three copies of any objects or animals in a deck.

Starter Suggestions:

  • Have at least 16 food sources.
  • Remember to have more small (cheap) animals than large (expensive) animals.

Deckbuilding 102: Dual Decks

Need some extra decks or packs for deckbuilding?

Purchase Additional Wild Wars Cards

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