Wild Wars: Family Battle! vs. Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game

The new Wild Wars: Family Battle! game takes many of the great mechanics found in the original Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game (or Standard Game)including the fun and informative QR codes–and makes it easier for groups to play together. Each Base Edition is great for play between 2 – 4 players from ages 5 and up!

As players’ gaming skills improve and they want more challenges, we offer expansions that add more complexity and strategy to the game!

Family Battle offers these key differences from the normal Wild Wars game:

  • Communal Deck (no separate decks)
  • Animals use universal food costs (no Kingdom specific costs)
  • Goal is to earn a set number of points first, not lowering opponents’ life, so no one is ever out of the game until the game ends
  • Play with as many as 4 players right out of the box
  • Players as young as 5 can play
  • Non-Randomized expansions to easily and predictably increase the game’s complexity on your timetable.

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WildWars_FamilyBattle_Comparison_V2So which is better?

Both are a ton of fun, so it comes into what you (or your players) want out of a game as to which is the right choice for you.  (A lot of people enjoy having both games, because their use is very different.)

Do you prefer gameplay that is super easy to set up and play? Wild Wars: Family Battle! is great for you.

Do you prefer customizing your game to give you special advantages and to reflect your personality?  Wild Wars: Collectible Card game is probably the way to go for you.

Do you prefer to be able to keep everything for a game in one box?  Wild Wars: Family Battle! is probably for you.

Do you love figuring out secret ways to become better at the games you play and show your skills through that?  Then Wild Wars: Collectible Card game is probably the best for you.

In general, when wanting to play with the greatest number of people and not have things get hyper competitive, Family Battle! is the best choice.  However, there are a lot of times where a great, challenging two-player game that pushes each person to the edge of their creativity is what you crave–and that’s where Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game really shines.  (And, unlike some other collectible card games, we sell single and dual pre-built decks that are ready to play, without any initial customization required.)

Take a look at what comes in the Wild Wars: Family Battle! Base Edition below, and then check out more information about the Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game here.

Compare the Rules

Wild Wars: Family Battle! Base Edition

Ages: 5 & Up
Number of Cards:
Available: Now

Forest Animals

  • 2 x Grizzly Bear
  • 1 x American Black Bear
  • 2 x Dent’s Mona Monkey
  • 1 x Giant Red Flying Squirrel
  • 1 x Eastern Grey Squirrel
  • 2 x Brown-Throated Sloth
  • 2 x Guatemalan Palm Viper
  • 1 x Golden Poison Frog

Underground Animals

  • 2 x Bobak Marmot
  • 2 x European Mole
  • 1 x European Rabbit
  • 2 x Honey Badger
  • 2 x Short-Tailed Weasel
  • 2 x Red Fox
  • 1 x Northern Tent Tortoise

Sea Animals

  • 2 x Seabass
  • 2 x Atlantic Salmon
  • 1 x Atlantic Sturgeon
  • 2 x Starry Pufferfish
  • 1 x Common Swordfish
  • 2 x Electric Eel
  • 1 x Common Octopus
  • 1 x Long-Finned Pilot Whale

Sky Animals

  • 2 x Mountain Quail
  • 1 x Greater Roadrunner
  • 3 x Rock Dove
  • 2 x Northern Cardinal
  • 2 x Ostrich
  • 1 x Peafowl
  • 1 x Giant Coot

Land Animals

  • 2 x Leopard Cat
  • 2 x Indian Porcupine
  • 2 x African Leopard
  • 2 x Kamchatka Bighorn
  • 1 x Komodo Dragon
  • 1 x Western Hognose Snake
  • 1 x Siberian Tiger
  • 1 x African Bush Elephant

Food Sources

  • 8 x Plantations
  • 8 x The Current
  • 8 x Root Cellar
  • 8 x Farm
  • 8 x The Wind


  • 1 X Rule Sheet
  • 4 x Token Cutout Cards

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