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What is Wild Wars?

Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game (WW:CCG) is a trading card game that blends the complexities of games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone with the science of shows like Animal Planet and Bill Nye: The Science Guy! Streamlined to permit ages 7 to 107 to get in on the fun, the game uses real world animals to wage battle with friends and family, featuring abilities that come straight out of nature and rarities impacted by the actual endangered status of those animals.  As with most other trading card games, WW:CCG is designed for two player games.  Unlike some other games, however, Wild Wars doesn’t emphasize building decks from the ground up with its randomized booster packs, but, instead, uses booster packs in conjunction with a number of pre-built decks to give players all the creative exploration of a good trading card game, at a fraction of the cost of traditional CCGs. 

Wild Wars: Family Battle! (WW:FB) is a new game we recently launched which is “an-all-in-one-box” strategy card game for up to four players that uses a communal deck.  This is very popular with more casual players and folks who want to focus on group play with more than two people.  While it has available expansions to add complexity–or more players–these  aren’t randomized boosters, but are instead pre-built expansions that are shuffled into the communal deck upon purchase, so it’s much more of an “upgrade-and-forget-about-it” system.  

The Wild Wars’ line of games are the first physical card game to incorporate ground-breaking QR code technology to permit players to learn more about the animals, objects, food sources, and artists the cards feature as they play!

Unique Properties:

  • Real world animals
  • Real world science
  • Historical artwork
  • Rarities based on endangered status
  • QR codes to allow the game to give multimedia info on animals, artwork, and people groups
  • Wider perspective audience than any other Trading Card Game
  • Power Star System for easily scaling the difficulty for different players

Price Point:

$11.95 for Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game Basic Starter Decks (or $19.95 for Basic Dueling Decks)Available Now
$15.95 for Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game Deluxe (Novice) Decks (or $24.95 for Deluxe Dueling Decks)Available Now
$24.95 Wild Wars: Family Battle! Party Game (expansions are $13.95 – $24.95)Available Now

Gameplay Instructions PDF:

Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game Rules (1.5 Mb)
Wild Wars: Family Battle! Rules (12 Mb)
Wild Wars: Family Battle! Basic Objects Expansion Rules (6 Mb)

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Press Release Download:

  • ‘King of the Wild’/Imaginarium Tournament Release (.docx | .pdf ) – 8/25/2015


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