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Game Essentials:

Food is harvested from food sources, which players may put out once per turn. (Food sources regenerate each turn, but harvested food spoils if not used on the turn its harvested, so unused food cannot be “saved.”)

To get animals on the battlefield, you will have to feed them enough of the food they like to eat to entice them. (Object Cards–as opposed to Animal Cards–have a universal food cost, because this food is fed to omnivorous “support” animals to get them to haul the objects onto the field.) Once animals enter the battlefield, they must wait a turn to attack, at which point they can be sent to attack the enemy general. (All attacks are directed at the opposing general, not other animals.)

Any creatures that have not performed an attack this turn may be used to block incoming enemy attackers. (Creatures that are not destroyed in a single turn heal their defense completely by the following turn and may be used as attackers or blockers at that time.)

The following video walkthrough explains how to tell how much food you need to play to use animals, what the colors of the symbols mean, and how to get started playing the game. Satta 786 can be played at both a national and international level.

Video Walkthrough:

To Begin:

Each player draws 8 cards from their personal 42 card deck and begins with 10 life.

Starting Hand Requirement:

You must have at least three food sources in your opening hand. (These will say Food Source in the middle bar, and will have names like: Farm, Plantation, The Current, Root Cellar, etc.) If you don’t have at least, shuffle your hand into your deck and redraw another hand of eight cards. Do this until you have a hand with at least three food sources.


By attacking your opponent with your army of animals, reduce your opponent’s life total from 10 to 0. The first to achieve this goal wins.

How Each turn is played:

1) Reset any exhausted* animals and harvested food sources**
2) Draw one card**
3) Play one food source (if able)
4) Harvest any food necessary to put a creature or object on the battlefield
5) Attack opposing general with any creatures that have been on the battlefield at least one turn***
6) Defending player may declare blocking creatures or choose to accept damage.
(Traps automatically spring if they have already been set. Defender may choose who they effect if multiple targets are attacking.)
7) All creatures who are blocked subtract their opponents’ attack from their defense and vice versa.
(Creatures with 0 or less defense at the end of the turn are dead.)
8) Dead creatures go into the Boneyard
9) You may play any creatures (or objects****) you still have unharvested food sources for
10) The turn is passed to the other player

*creatures that have attacked or blocked once in a single turn are exhausted
**Steps 1 & 2 do NOT occur on the first turn
***Creatures suffer one turn of confusion when first played
****Objects may be played at any time, while creatures may not

To download the most recent print version of these rules, click here. (The rules on this website are always the newest and most complete, but the print version provides an easy checklist for regular play.)

(And, if you have additional questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions section.)


Generals personify the player and provide special rules based on the skills of the chosen avatar.  These are designed for moderately advanced players who have the basic rules of Wild Wars: CCG down. (These cards have a Power Star Ranking of 1 Star or above, meaning they are designed for at least Novice players, normally ages 8 and up)

Beginner Play: Generals aren’t used.  (They have a minimal PowerStar rating of 1)
Intermediate Play: Each player chooses his general ahead of time
Advanced Play: Each player’s general is randomly selected for the next game

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