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Frequently Asked Questions about Wild Wars: Family Battle!

If you’re checking about frequently asked questions for Wild Wars: Collectible Card Game, go to our Wild Wars: CCG FAQ page, where you can download the rules and see the differences!

General Questions

Layout Questions

On each card, on the left of where it says the animals class (and on the food cards left of where it says COLOR Food source), there is a little icon that looks like a bullseye and has R followed by a number. I see R1, R2, R3, R4. What is the purpose of this icon?

The icon shows the release edition. (The bull’s eye is our first edition.) The “R” number is the Rarity and is based on how endangered the animal is or how scarce the type of food source is. This gives a clear explanation: http://wildwarsgame.com/faq/rarities/

What’s with the weird little square bar code things on the cards?

These are called QR (or “Quick Response”) codes.  Each card uses a unique one, allowing kids to scan the codes with their parents’ camera-enabled mobile phones or smart devices and then learn about the creature on the card, interesting facts about how rare they are, and information about the artist who did the painting on the card.

QR Code Questions

I think the codes are messed up, as I couldn’t scan them. How do I fix that?

Occasionally people will have issues with scanning these codes as they are on the small size for QR codes.  We’ve found that they all do work with most of the popular smartphones on the market, but you may need to use the digital zoom on your camera phone to get it large enough for your operating system’s QR code reader to focus on it correctly.

Up to Date Rules

I also notice that on the website (http://wildwarsgame.com/rules/) some of the information is slightly different than in the rules I received. For instance the website says you must have at least 3 food source cards in your hand before starting the game, while the rules I received do not mention this. Which is more up to date?

Wild Wars: Family Battle! does not yet have their rules online, so the printed rules are currently what’s available. The 3 food sources requirement is something that both WW:CCG and WW:FB have in common, so I will be sure to get that into the printed versions in the near future. (This rule prevents new players from not having enough food to play some basic creatures early, which tends to really frustrate people.)

When will the website version of Wild Wars: Family Game! rules be online?

Soon. You can already download a digital copy of the print rules at the Family Battle! page, but the expanded rules (similar to the Wild Wars: CCG rules) will be coming soon.


Gameplay Questions

Food Questions

I am not clear where on the animal card it says how much food you need to buy it. Is it the number in the top right?

Yes, it is the number in the top right corner. (For WW:FB, there’s only one symbol there–a number that represents the cost of the entire amount of food sources you need.)

Since there are different colored food source cards, am I correct in assuming that you need the food source color to match the color of the animal you are buying? Or can any food card be used to buy any animal?

Wild Wars: Family Battle! is a more casual and group oriented game than its sibling game, Wild Wars: CCG.  As such, Family Battle! uses universal food costs on all animals, so any food source counts toward that cost.

How many food sources can I play per turn?


Can I “stockpile” harvested food for a future turn?

No.  Food spoils from one turn to the next. (There are special generals and objects that alter this rule somewhat.)

Is there a requirement for food sources in my opening hand?

Yes.  You need to have 3 food sources in your opening hand or you must redraw.


Animal Questions

What’s it mean when it says that an animal is “confused”?

When animals first come onto the battlefield, they show up at your base camp and are not yet prepared to go into battle.  They require one turn to rest before they can make proactive attacks.  However, unlike “exhausted” creatures, confused creatures can still defend their general, since this is an instinctual self-defense mindset. (The only exception for animals with the ability: “Rush.” Rush is used to show creatures that are so aggressive that they are ready to attack as soon as they are placed in their base camp.)

What does it mean when it says that an animal is “exhausted”?

Animals can either Attack or Defend on a single turn, they can’t do both.   Once they have done one or the other of these things, they are said to be exhausted and can perform no other actions until the beginning of their owners’ turn. (The only exception is for animals with the ability:”Vigor.” Vigor is used to show that they have special economy of motion or prior knowledge of their surroundings permitting them to both attack AND defend in a single turn.) 

On step 9 of the rules when it says ‘You may play any animal you still have unharvested food sources for’, what exactly does this mean? Does this mean that you have a second chance on your turn to buy another animal?

Yes it does mean that you have a second chance to buy an animal. (See next question for clarification.)

When can I pay the food costs and put animals on the battlefield?

Immediately before your main attack phase and immediately after. (Animals bought after your main attack can’t attack this turn, but you can put them out there as blocking animals and use up some food that might otherwise go to waste.  Additionally, the animal will no longer be Confused at the beginning of your next turn, just like an animal you played at the beginning of your current turn.)

Is there a limit to how many animals I can put on the battlefield per turn?

While you do have to purchase them at the correct times, the amount of food you possess to “hire” animals is really the only limitation.

Creatures with Burrow are described as only being blockable by Underground animals. I don’t see any cards marked Underground. Are there just not any in the base game that can block creatures with Burrow? Or is this talking about other creatures with Burrow?

Underground is one of five kingdoms and Wild Wars: Family Battle! uses a deck with creatures from all five of these kingdoms.  Kingdoms refer to where the animal prominently lives or sleeps and are denoted by color.  Red = Land, Green = Forest, Blue = Sea, Black = Underground, White = Sky. As such, Burrowing animals can be blocked by any cards that have a Black border around them. (With that said, only creatures from the Underground kingdom have Burrow as an ability, so a creature that has Burrow can automatically block another creature with Burrow, since both are Underground creatures.)


Win Conditions Questions

How do I win the game?

Whoever has the most points after 10 rounds wins.  (Alternatively, for folks who have the more advanced expansions, you can play until the first person gets 10 points.)

When does the 10th round conclude?

A round begins when the first person to play begins and concludes right before that person begins his next turn; so the 10th round will conclude once everyone has had a chance to play 10 times.

Object Expansion Questions

When can I play objects?

Any time you have the necessary food to “purchase” them, they can be used–even in the middle of someone attacking.

Can boulders destroy creatures?

Nope.  Only other objects. (Poison Spears are objects that can destroy target creatures.)

How do I play traps?

Objects that say “Trap” in the center column are placed face down once their food cost is paid.  The opponent is then aware there’s a trap, but they don’t know what trap it is.

If a trap doesn’t destroy the creature, does the creature’s attack count towards your points?

No, even for things like nets, which only subtract 1 damage, they will prevent an attack from being successful, as though a creature had blocked them.  (And they nullify “Overpower” abilities in creatures.)

Can a boulder destroy a trap that hasn’t deployed?

Yep.  It can destroy any object on the battlefield, even if it’s not turned face up.

Can a boulder destroy a spear after its user casts it? Can it be used to destroy a trap after it deploys, but before it damages the animal that tripped it?


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